It is a gross misunderstanding that to live a healthy life; one must give up many pleasures and lovely things in life and live a dull boring life. You can and with a little effort and sticking to guidelines live a healthy life.

It is within your reach! All you have to do is decide deep down whether you wish to be healthy or not healthy. That freedom you have.

Sad to say, that many people with the sole intention of making a fast buck have been able to convince you that it’s a huge and difficult task. The facts say that living healthy is not difficult. As they say, the path of success begins with the initial step AND after many days and many steps you will begin to feel better.

You cannot solve the world’s health programs but you can find a solution for just one person and that person is you i.e. you alone.


Start To Eat Healthy

 Eat more raw fruit and vegetables freshly grown locally. All the talk these days is eat extra fruits and vegetables and I do not mean that. I mean fresh and raw! You do not get your portion of fruit for each day by consuming apples from a can!

Manage Your Weight Well

Being over-weight is not being healthy we all know that. On the other hand you need not be matchstick model, that is harmful, but you can be a size plus and be healthy too. Just keep your body in good condition. Imagine a car in bad shape trying to climb a hill huffing and puffing as better-kept vehicles ease by.  Keep your body in good condition and you will pass by the ones easily who did not. You will add many years to your life and do your daily jobs at home and office better.


 Only few things that make a person uneasy, one is a creaking door and the next is the word exercise. At the word exercise, you either get excited or you dodge. Do not consider’working out’ to be a work or a duty. Movement is making your heart rate go from normal to above. Being still will not do it for you.

The joy of exercising is to choose any program that is such enjoyment to you that you forget that you are exercising!  Run, walk, go biking, hiking, tend the garden, tend the house, paint, chop, cut, repair and any other but move often and more every day. Start a little and then increase gradually.

Stop Smoking

 Remember when you tried your first fag, you coughed, choked, and went green, but did you give up? Even though your body made desperate tries to catch your attention and many others too, smoking is all over. The external warnings and the internal just do not seem to be taken seriously until the natural leveler death has its say.

Take Care Of Toxins

However, they are everywhere in the traffic smog, industrial smog and even the pesticides in the foods you consume. If you cannot control the first ones then you can the last.  Avoid toxins like you will a rattlesnake.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Prevention from the start is the best-known solution for man, but very often neglected. Do all that is necessary to keep yourself healthy. Stay away from anything that gets you into harm. A man went to see his doctor, and said “Doc, whenever I try rotating my head it hurts “. The doctor gave him the simple solution. “Don’t do it”.

These are just few tips for you to get up now and start doing something.

Many more will keep on coming here for quite some time.


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